Automatically Triage Master Bill Management for Exports

Export Bills of Lading

Monitoring the export inbox to work out the next steps for each shipment creates a whole new category of manual admin - the triaging of tasks.

Shipamax automatically scans your emails, categorises master bills and automatically triages - alerting your team to the best next steps to keep the process on track.

Barry Clarkson

Head of IT

“A smooth rollout from day one”

“From day one, we’ve worked closely with the Customer Success team, who have done an excellent job to ensure a smooth rollout, providing support and guidance from the initial kick-off meeting all the way through to our project go live.”

Teams that benefit from automating master bill triage for exports


Profitability and scale

Scale your operations with automatic triage

Final vs draft? Has data been cross referenced? Is the bill rated? Remove the tedious admin on Master Bill delivery and instantly generate a list of the best next steps for your team to work with. Use automatic extraction and job matching to speed up those next steps too.

Compliance and Control

Curtail document mis-management

Ensure customers aren't sent the wrong documents - drafts, rated bills - with automatic classification. High extraction accuracy removes the risk of processing errors and ensures your documents are stored against the right records, every time.

Process Improvement

Instant visibility of your workload

Relying on manual triage can cause buildups to be caught too late - causing delays in processing. With automatic processing, your team will get a real-time view of their workload, enabling build ups to be identified and addressed quickly - minimising the risk of delays.

Your bill of lading export workflow with Shipamax

Step 1

Send documents

We receive your invoices via Shipamax auto forwarding

Step 2

Extract data

Shipamax machine learning engine extracts details from master bills of lading

Step 3

Structure data

Shipamax validates all documents and information has been received

Step 4

Exception management

If there is an exception, Shipamax will flag this for you within the platform for correction

Step 5

Data entry

Shipamax posts the job with all nescessary data in your TMS via our API

What document types do we support for bill of lading export?

Sea Freight

Draft Bills
Final Bills
Rated Bills
Unrated Bills
What we support
JPEG File Format
PDF File Format