Automate the Creation and Updating of Import Jobs

Import Bills of Lading

When working with export agents or offices on different internal systems, creating import jobs is an overly manual process - with ops teams needing to combine data from multiple Bills of Lading to create an import job in your TMS / ERP. With Shipamax, your emails are automatically scanned for Pre-Alerts and ungrouped Bills of Lading.

Our product validates and groups documents to automatically create and update existing records in CargoWiseOne. Shipamax removes the need for time-consuming manual work, reduces error rates, and means operators can spend more time with customers and less time manually importing data into CargoWiseOne.

James Coombs

Head of Transformation

“A 30% reduction in time to process documents”

“Since go-live, we’ve unlocked a number of process improvements across the business, resulting in a 30% reduction in time taken to process documents for import jobs.”

Teams that benefit from automating the creation and updating of import jobs

Import Operations

Shared Service Centre

Delight Customers

Faster turnaround times for customers with real-time processing

Real-time data entry automation means import jobs are created in CargoWise without delay - putting to rest those queries from large customers with linked portals. Missing documents are identified before creating consoles and shipments and highlighted in our exception manager - giving an at-a-glance view of what's needed to unblock shipments. Operators can collaborate with others to co-ordinate the process - and ensure goods are moved from A to B without delay. A process that once took over 30 minutes, can now be executed in a under 5 minutes.

Profitability and Scale

Scale efficiently with automatic job creation and updating

No need to manually compile multiple Bills of Lading or spend time checking documents. Shipamax captures information from Master and House Bills of Lading, validates the right information, and posts into CargoWiseOne. Our Smart Grouping technology is an industry first - finally unblocking straight-through-processing for import bills and enabling you to achieve real scale.

Compliance and Control

Ensure global processes are followed, no matter your scale

When should the job be created? Pack lines for goods or for the container? With an automatic process, its easy to drive consistency across the whole team - removing back and forth caused by nuances in the process. Finally get the whole team aligned to your global best practices.

Your bill of lading import workflow with Shipamax

Step 1

Send documents

We receive your invoices via Shipamax auto forwarding

Step 2

Extract data

Shipamax machine learning engine extracts details from bills of lading contained in pre-alert emails

Step 3

Structure data

Shipamax validates all documents and information has been received

Step 4

Exception management

If there is an exception, Shipamax will flag this for you within the platform 
for correction

Step 5

Data entry

Shipamax sends data directly to your TMS or ERP system e.g. CargoWiseOne

What document types do we support for bill of lading import?

Sea Freight

Master Bills of Lading
House Bills of Lading
Pre Alerts
What we support
JPEG File Format
PDF File Format
All Latin languages
Console and Shipment Level Extraction
Understands Goods Description