Freight Forwarders

Turn documents into structured data

Deliver immediate commercial results with a plug-and-play data extraction platform specialized for the supply chain industry

Automate Data Entry

Automate data entry to reduce admin costs and turnaround time

Shift teams away from manual data entry to high-impact activities

Reduce turnaround time for a better customer experience

Improve data quality by reducing human error

Industry leading AI Powered Data Extraction Software For Freight Forwarders

Sync Current Shipping freight software

Plug directly into your existing infrastructure and processes for immediate results

Syncs with any email server to process documents as soon as they hit your inbox

Machine learning based processing - no templates or rules to maintain

Minimise change management with an email plugin for data validation, designed to fit straight into your existing workflow and processes

CargowiseOne integration or Open API to sync data into your ERP

Freight Forwarding Machine learning

Lay the groundwork to power your digital transformation

Industry-leading machine learning, specialised in logistics to ensure high accuracy and broad document coverage

Enable new applications and services to be built by translating data into a single standard

Test and verify your ideas quickly with a developer friendly API

How it works


Send Documents

Send emails via auto-forwarding, IMAP, POP3 or API.

Supported Formats: PDF & Images


Shipamax parses using 
machine learning

Shipamax recognises and categorises documents

Proprietary models understand the meaning of your documents & extracts the required fields

Data output is structured to conform to your 
database conventions


Optional Step

Data inserted into your TMS or ERP

Use our CargowiseOne integration or flexible API to import data into your applications

Frequently Asked Questions about Shipamax and Automation

Is Shipamax different to OCR technology?

Shipamax has an OCR component built into its platform to assist with data extraction from logistics documents. Shipamax uses an AI powered OCR, or what we like to call, Anti-Template Technology, which means, no more creating templates or rules on top of an OCR. When extracting text from a document, our machine learning model understands what that text means, and maps it to a clean data schema, which can be fed into your ERP or TMS system like CargoWise. When paired with an AI powered solution like Shipamax, OCR becomes a much more powerful technology. There is no need to build templates and create additional rules to understand new documents. You can read more about Shipamax vs OCR and RPA in this short blog.

Does Shipamax work with CargoWise?

Yes. At present 80% of our client base are CargoWise users. We absolutely support other TMS/ERP systems through our API, so CargoWise or non CargoWise we should be able to help. We have worked closely with CW1, our workflows are optimised for use with CargoWise and implementation can be managed by us and is typically plug and play.

Is the Shipamax interface built to support logistics documents?

Shipamax is a purely logistics focused company. We have a wealth of experience with the workflows, use cases and systems in logistics. This puts us in a strong position to partner with clients to provide the best solution possible.

How long does a typical roll-out take?

Typical roll-outs take an average of 4-6 weeks. Implementation of our solution is designed to be light touch. We provide a fully managed roll-out and maintenance programme, which allows you to remove the risks of unpredictable costs and quickly realise the benefits of document automation. Having worked with over 40 logistics companies over the last 4 years, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional implementation with clear timelines.

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