Real-time Commercial Invoice Data Entry

Commercial Invoices

Due to their seemingly never-ending length and potential issues, processing commercial invoices is often cited as the biggest timesink for logistics teams.

Shipamax's real-time data extraction of commercial invoices removes the tedious manual admin and helps you team quickly and accurately create customs declarations, reducing the risk of delays and penalties.

Adrian Green

Business Improvement

“A fully automated process”

“Data capture was once a time consuming and expensive task, but with Shipamax, it has evolved into a fully automated process, allowing operators to spend less time on data entry and more time focused on valuable customer-facing tasks.”

Teams that benefit from automating commercial invoice data entry


Customs Agents

Profitability and Scale

Automate data entry for the most time-consuming documents

Shipamax understands your incoming commercial invoices - categorising, extracting and validating line items in real-time with high accuracy. Products are smartly matched to your internal customs database and pushed directly into CargoWiseOne, with no disruption to your team's workflow.

Delight Customers

Instant turn-around with real-time automation

With real-time processing, your team no longer has to wait up to 48 hours for data to be turned around. Automatic data capture and visibility of your queue enabes the team to manage peaks in their workload more effectively. Remove the risk of delay for customers and provide an experience fit for today's on-demand world.

Complicance and Control

Reduce the scope for error with a machine

With so many line items, its easy to make a mistake. Automation provides consistent output every time and never forgets what it's learned - reducing the risk of errors, complaints and fines.

Your commercial invoice workflow with Shipamax

Step 1

Send documents

We receive your invoices via Shipamax auto forwarding

Step 2

Extract data 

Shipamax machine learning engine extracts details from your commercial invoices with no templates required

Step 3

Structure data

Shipamax structures key data and matches it to your database conventions

Step 4

Exception management

If there is an exception, Shipamax will flag this for you within the platform 
for correction

Step 5

Data entry

Shipamax sends data directly to your TMS or ERP system e.g. CargoWiseOne
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