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Video: What is Shipamax?

At Shipamax, we use machine learning to help freight forwarders process documents faster and cheaper than is possible with traditional OCR, manual processes or BPO. To find out more about how our platform could benefit your business, get in touch for a free personalized demo.

What is Shipamax Transcript

Is your business still capturing data from documents manual processes or with time-intensive OCR templates?

There is now a smarter way to capture data. Shipamax is a platform for automating data entry within logistics organisations. 

Our AI-powered solution eliminates the need for expensive template setup, error-prone rule creation and time-consuming maintenance. 

Out of the box integrations with CargoWise help you get up and running in weeks and our purpose-built interfaces sit seamlessly into your workflows. 

Join a growing number of logistics organizations in driving more profitable growth through automation.

Josh BradleyVP Demand Generation
October 2020
1 min read
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