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Seaway Selects Shipamax to Help Automate Document Data Capture Across its APAC Offices

Shipamax was chosen by Seaway for its logistics expertise, out of the box integrations with CargoWise and ability to capture data from logistics documents with high levels of accuracy   

Australian freight forwarder and global logistics business, Seaway has selected the London based logistics software solution Shipamax to automate data capture for its Bill of Lading and AP Invoice document types.  

Seaway had previously implemented an OCR (Optical Character Recognition) solution as well as working with a BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) company in an effort to improve back-office efficiencies around document processing. However, neither solution was able to support Seaway’s ambitious five-year growth targets, and both had limitations, including lengthy implementation timelines and high turnaround costs. 

Following a diligent selection process, which included a number of alternative solutions, most of which were OCR based, Shipamax was selected by Seaway for its logistics document expertise, out of the box integrations with CargoWise and ability to capture data from logistics documents with high levels of accuracy.

Adrian Green, Head of Business Improvement at Seaway, commented: 

“The technology used by Shipamax is superior to anything that we have tried in the past, and although we’re still in the early stages, the solution is already having a positive impact on our operations team. Data capture was once a time consuming and expensive task managed by multiple operators, but with Shipamax, it has evolved into a fully automated process, allowing operators to spend less time on data entry and more time focused on valuable customer-facing tasks.”

Jenna Brown, CEO and Co-Founder at Shipamax, added: 

“With more pressure than ever on businesses to improve back office efficiencies, Seaway is one of the forwarders that has quickly recognised the benefits of implementing automation technology. Driving new efficiencies through streamlined back-office processes will be key in maintaining Seaway’s place as one of APACs’ leading freight forwarders, and we look forward to supporting them with an automation solution that allows them to scale quickly and efficiently.” 

At Shipamax, we use machine learning to help freight forwarders process documents faster and cheaper than is possible with traditional OCR or BPO. Get in touch for a free demo today.

About Seaway 

Founded in 1999 in Australia, Seaway, is one of the largest diversified transport and logistics providers in Australia, with more than 300 staff spread across offices in Australia, New Zealand and China. For more information on Seaway, visit 

Josh BradleyVP Demand Generation
October 2020
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