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Scales Logistics Selects Shipmax to Automate Invoice Data Capture

Scales selected Shipamax for its out of the box CargoWise integration and low touch rollout programme led by the company's Customer Success team. 

New Zealand freight forwarder and global logistics organisation, Scales Logistics has selected London based Shipamax to automate data capture for its AP invoice document types

Before automating the entire data capture and reconciliation process with Shipamax, Scales had been manually entering invoice data into CargoWise. The process was time-consuming, expensive and error-prone, with document exceptions often taking days to correct after bouncing between operators, finance staff and suppliers. 

With business booming, Scales decided they needed a solution that would help them to manage a growing volume of invoices, helping to ensure suppliers were paid on time and relationships stayed strong. The leadership team at Scales made the decision to invest in a logistics focused automation solution and reached out to Shipamax.  

Mary Stephens, Systems Development Manager at Scales, commented: 

“With its out-of-the-box CargoWise integration and deep knowledge of edge cases, selecting Shipamax to automate our data entry process was an easy decision. From day one, it was clear that the Shipamax team had a deep understanding of our use case, and their detailed rollout plan kept the resource requirements from our team to under 10 hours. It was a low touch implementation from start to finish.” 

Stephens added, “With Shipamax, we’re confident that we will be able to significantly cut the time spent on each document from minutes to seconds, and eventually, completely eliminate the need for operator input.”

Chris Braley, Head of Customer Success at Shipamax, added: 

“We’re looking forward to working with Scales and delivering an automation solution that helps them to achieve their ambitious growth goals. The rollout process led by our Customer Success team was smooth and allowed Mary and her team to stay focused on other internal programmes.”

At Shipamax, we use machine learning to help freight forwarders process documents 20 times faster than manual data entry. Get in touch for a free demo today.

Josh BradleyVP Demand Generation
March 2021
3 min read
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