Bills of Lading Export

Shipamax automatically scans your emails, categorises master bills and automatically triages - alerting your team to the best next steps to keep the process on track. Our automatic extraction and job matching helps to speed up those next steps too.

Shipamax Client

Solutions Architect

“Exceptions are easy to manage”

"Following a successful phase 1 rollout, the system works perfectly and exceptions are now incredibly easy to manage within the dedicated Shipamax Exception Manager."

Classification Technology

Automatic classification straight from your inbox

By automatically understanding the context of the Master Bill and what needs to happen next, Shipamax removes an extra layer of admin forgotten by alternative automation systems. Finally: remove some inbox fatigue for your team and enable them to focus on high-impact activities.

Data Extraction

Granular extraction with contextual understanding

Unlike Vanilla OCR, Shipamax is built for logistics, meaning our platform understands your documents from day one - no template or rule creation needed. Shipamax's logistics-specific understanding and data structures automatically extracts attributes for use across the console, shipment and packing line from draft/final and rated/unrated BoLs.

Exception Management

Centralised exception management dashboard

A simple, easy-to-use, centralised Exception Manager enables your team to quickly correct any errors in extraction and keep track of documents with missing or incorrect data. Cut time spent on disparate back-and-forth communication and improve visibility across the team by enabling comments to be stored in one place, sync with multiple teams and assign access to individual operators.

Other Features

Extended features

All emails auto-forwarded to a dedicated Shipamax mailbox, with the option to create seperate mailboxes for different offices.

Automated document classification:

Validates that all key information used to link to a job has been received and identifies the types of bills that have been received.

Multi-document file processing:

Process files containing multiple documents of the same or different types.

Visualise dashboard and reporting:

Visualise key metrics for the BoL export solution performance.

Exception management workflow features
Document cards:

Specific cards are created to represent a group of bills that have been received in a pre-alert email.

Data extracted view:

View what data has been extracted and then change or add new information if necessary.

Document search:

View documents by a selected status and search documents by key identifiers including BoL number and consignee information.

Edit groups:

Select specific document cards and merge groups together.

Final or draft:

Mark bills as final or draft.

Rated or unrated:

Mark bills as rated or unrated.

Team allocation:

Allocate exceptions to certain teams and filter the results by which team they have been assigned to.